Here is a little guide on how to listen to Reconquest.

  • All the episodes of Reconquest are free if you listen to them at air time over at the Veritas Radio Network (VRN) site. See the programming schedule here.
  • To listen ON-DEMAND or to DOWNLOAD the WHOLE SHOW (not just the 20-minute free segment that everyone can access), you will need to have a VRN membership. This will also give you  on-demand and download access all the other quality programming on the Veritas Radio Network.
  • Once you have a membership, you can download all my Reconquest shows here, just like a podcast.
  • Non-members may go to individual show pages (linked here, and from the sidebar in the Reconquest site) and click on the green button that says “$.99 Download.” That will get you the entire show, all three segments, for $.99.
  • The first nineteen shows that are linked from the sidebar on are available in their entirety for free. This is in streaming audio, not to download.