An excellent book is now back in print. Brother Thomas Mary Sennott, who was one of Father Feeney’s original followers, wrote a defense of Father’s doctrinal position in his book, They Fought the Good Fight, which was originally published in 1987. Besides Brother Thomas Mary’s narrative and annotations, the book has long excerpts from Father Feeney’s and Orestes Brownson’s most pointed writings on “no salvation outside the Church.” Significantly, the book bears the Imprimi potest of Bishop Timothy J. Harrington, the Bishop of Worcester. (His Excellency granted this on January 15, 1987, thus indicating that the volume is free of doctrinal or moral error.)

Brother Thomas Mary, who is now deceased, had a web site that a friend of his now keeps on line.

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“The documents and facts presented in They Fought the Good Fight: Orestes Brownson and Father Feeney, speak for themselves, not only illuminating the similarity of “liberal Catholicism,” ‘Americanism,” and post-conciliar “neo-Modernism,” viz. a willingness to compromise on doctrine for the sake of friendship, which in every instance postulates a repudiation in principle or practice of the axiom extra ecclesiam nulla salus, and a minimization of devotion to Our Lady as Mediatrix of All Graces. Not all the problems of the Church in the USA began after the Council.”

— Father Peter Fehlner, O. F. M., Conv.

“Besides being informative, orthodox, and well-written, They Fought the Good Fight is also quite inspirational.”

—Father James McCurry, O.F. M., Conv.

Paperback, 437 Pages  $18.00 Buy Here

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