Originally published on <Dec. 9, 2008 >

The marketing department at Planned Parenthood has become positively tasteless. Abortion, the killing of an unborn human, has been made the subject of a gift certificate at Christmas time. “What do you get for the girl who has everything — including something she doesn’t want? Why, an abortion, of course!”

What is this, you may ask, when compared with their complicity of this same marketing department in professional murder? Compared to the substance of the thing under consideration, it’s really only a symbol — but a powerful one. Abortion, which kills babies and damages mothers, both psychologically and physically is the gift that keeps killing. If Christmas presents are passed around in hell, I’m sure PP’s gift certificate would be one of the top-ten satanic stocking-stuffers.

Over at the New American site, Ann Shibler has a good piece on the macabre marketing ploy entitled Planned Parenthood Offers Gift Certificates for Exams – and Abortions. Ann, a Catholic lady, very graciously shared with me some further considerations on the same subject:

How Can We Remain Silent?

The absolute horror of abortion has just been made a little clearer to us through Planned Parenthood’s latest diabolic marketing technique. The time for clicking our tongues and shaking our heads is certainly over, and a spirit of pro-activism simply must take the forefront. Perhaps they’ve done us a favor, by bringing to light their continuous attacks on life during this season of Advent, with Christmas approaching.

In the spirit of King Herod, these purveyors of death are using Christmas — the Holy season that celebrates the birth of the Infant Savior of mankind — to promote their own profitable business and death agenda, a billion dollar business that is responsible for murdering millions of pre-born babies. They have far surpassed King Herod, however, who, in seeking to kill a rival, was responsible for a minute fraction of dead babies compared to PP’s wholesale slaughter of innocents, simply for the sake of snuffing out life and pocketing the bloody spoils.

It is clear that PP embraces the author of death: “Their tongue and their devices are against the Lord,” Isaias, Chapter III. To promote killing innocents at Christmas is to purposefully reject Christ, His humble birth as a swaddled babe there for us to love and give our hearts to, returning love for love, and also His redemption.

To paraphrase Dom Guéranger from “The Liturgical Year,” America is tending to its own destruction, losing all power, especially that of understanding. She no longer knows where she is going or from whence she came and sees not the abyss into which she is plunging. “A nation,” as Moses said, “without counsel and without wisdom.”