Writing for The New American, Jack Kenny has compared and contrasted the Boston-College career of recently deceased pagan-lesbian-radical-feminist* “theologian,” Mary Daly and the phenomenon of my own dear founders, who were treated harshly by that same institution in the 1940s. Unlike Daly, the four professors (including Dr. Fakhri Maluf) were neither witches, nor sexual deviants, nor dissenters from the Church’s magisterium, nor advocates of the non-extant “right” of a woman to butcher her unborn offspring. No, they simply defended a defined doctrine, one the Church has bound us to, which teaches that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church.

From Mr. Kenny’s article:

The Globe finds it “remarkable in hindsight that she taught at a Catholic university for more than 30 years.” That begs the question of whether Boston College is either a university (it calls itself a “college,” after all) or Catholic. Because the Jesuits at BC are not “into” cashiering a theologian who describes herself as a “radical lesbian feminist.” They are more likely to force out someone who faithfully upholds and proclaims unaltered the doctrines and creeds of the “One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church” that have come to us from Christ through the Apostles. That is exactly what happened more than 60 years ago when four BC professors who insisted on defending and proclaiming the dogma “Outside the Church There is No Salvation” were shown the door at broadminded, ecumenical Boston College. That started the theological battle that brought about the silencing and even the bogus “excommunication” of Father Leonard Feeney, a Jesuit who defended the fired professors and forced Archbishop and later Cardinal Cushing to take a stand on the controversy. That Cushing did, by putting Father Feeney and the Saint Benedict Center, where he lived and taught, under interdict and eventually driving them out of the diocese.

Now one can choose between the vision and dogma of Father Feeney and the crusade of Saint Benedict Center and the vision of the feminist dogma of Mary Daly. The difference is that one has the weight of history and church tradition behind it and the doctrine in question has been dogmatically proclaimed by three popes and two councils of the Roman Catholic Church. The radical feminism of Daly has no such pedigree to recommend it. Guess which one Boston College has chosen, again and again and again. The same one the Boston Globe has chosen, again and again and again.

* These terrible labels are all self-confessed. While in eternity she would naturally regret them, Mary Daly seems to have considered them a badge of honor during her earthly sojourn.