More pro-Father Feeney and pro-extra ecclesiam nulla salus blogs are showing up on the Internet. I have recently been made aware of three of them, and noticed that they have some excellent postings and links. Regular readers know that it is our Crusade (the word is a deliberate one) to spread knowledge of this important dogma, and to work for the conversion of America to the Catholic Faith. We neither claim nor desire a monopoly on these goals of our Crusade. So, I’m happy to point out the three blogs I’ve recently come across:

The identity of these bloggers is unknown to me, which is a sign — and a good one — that the doctrinal battle that is much larger than our group here in Richmond, and has many footsoldiers fighting on a multitude of fronts.

The above blogs are in addition to the websites of the various religious houses associated with Father Feeney. Besides our own, this category would include:

I have not deliberately ommitted any blogs or sites from this list. Readers are most welcome to add their own favorite pro-Father Feeney sites to this posting via the comments, below.