In this video, Michael Voris presents some good thoughts on the subject of sentimental theology. There are two points here where he appears to have borrowed from Saint Benedict Center’s founders. (Note that I do not say he borrowed, but “appears to have” done so.) First is the name itself, which was the title of an article by Dr. Fakhri Maluf (later Brother Francis, M.I.C.M.) published in the September 1947 issue of From the Housetops. That article may be read here: Sentimental Theology. There is another article that explains the history surrounding its publication: Sentimental Theology Revisited.

Second is Mr. Voris’ correct series of observations about the much abused statement, “Faith is a gift.” That, too is the title of an article by one of our Founders, Father Feeney himself, who also points out the need for a gift to be not merely offered, but also accepted. Father Feeney’s article, Faith is a Gift, is on our web site, too.